Consent is an experimental zine and typographic exploration about the subtleties of consent. This series of images aim to examine how consent and conversations around consent need to include more than just yes/no. People need to understand the importance of constantly asking, the meaning of true affirmative consent, and the complexities of communicating in general. 

Maybe is never an unconditional yes. Maybe requires questions, follow-up, a pause and a check-in. It requires introspection on behalf of all parties involved. Why do I feel less than 100% sure? Maybe is never meant to mean “convince me”. 

Words will always be complicated by tone, body language, expressions, and context and any approach to teaching consent that doesn’t take into account is seriously lacking. A yes should be constant, enthusiastic, and all-encompassing. A yes is a maze to navigate with affirmation at every step. If you don’t get that then turn back——you’re going the wrong way. Getting one yes doesn’t mean you never need to ask again. 

Risograph Print Series + Zine
Edition of 25

Printed @ Outlet